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Treehouse Sessions – Broadcasting the best of Birmingham

Treehouse Sessions are full live broadcasts of magical and intimate performances in front of a small, music loving, live audience. If you love live music, festival vibes and treehouses, then you’ll love what we do. We are the only regular broadcaster of unsigned or local singer/songwriters anywhere. If you live further afield, and aren’t able to attend in person, don’t despair; you can always watch the show live using the links below. We aim to broadcast every month, showcasing some of the best singer/songwriters Birmingham and the surrounding areas have to offer.

Treehouse Sessions – How to watch

Find a comfy candle lit spot, your favorite beverage and friends to share the love with because you’ll never have too long to wait. We are in the throws of putting another show together as soon as 2 days after the previous one has aired. Treehouse Sessions go out live on our website, and also on YouTube, links are usually made public one week before the show is due to go live, these are always placed on the website and our social media platforms. However if you sign-up to our news feed, you’ll receive a lovely notification of the next show date, performers, live broadcast link and live audience space allocation before it’s announced on the website or social media. If you’re a regular at the Treehouse Sessions well, you know what to do.

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