Michael Vickers

What we thought

With his feet firmly planted on the ground our blue eyed boy Michael brings you relatable lyrics and catchy tunes that will stick. Without even being aware of it, you will be singing and throwing your love for Vickers in the air as you can’t help but be won over by this talented and cheeky chap.

An example of present day poetic brilliance with fast paced and punchy word play, you’d be a fool to overlook him. He may tear up his lyrics but they certainly don’t burn. 

Endearing rhythmic and melodic hooks are part and parcel of the package you receive so it is a challenge to not tap your feet and go with the flow that Michael gifts you.  

Would I buy his album? Yes I would and id carry it home in ” that brown over the shoulder Dunlop bag that your brother bought from Topshop!”