The Treehouse Story

Ade and Vik have been musically connected since they met in 1996; Vik, with her love for music and funky grooves and Ade, long term musician and band front man.

Blessed at always being surrounded with incredible musicians and all round gorgeous people; firelight, music and love, have always been the theme for gatherings, occasions and celebrations wherever they have settled.

There have been countless times where both have sat, laughed, cried and shared in astonishment, the most beautifully written songs, executed to perfection, deservedly meant to be heard by many, but gifted to so few.

Whilst this was always a magical and beautiful thing, it made Ade and VikĀ  want to share these moments with so many more music loving ears.

The music and the musicians, the friendships and the magic continued to grow into early 2016, when a chance meeting with Mike Gilbert and Katrice Horley was put in place by mutual friend Shelley Atkinson.

Having heard about co-creators magical, mini festival vibe in their leafy suburban garden, Mike and Katrice asked to use this perfect location to film their promotional video for a story-telling festival.

Cameras were set up, sound was recorded in the recycled workshop/bar and the show was performed in front of a specially selected attentive audience. It was quite a spellbinding evening.

Not long after the video and sound was recorded, the question was asked of Mike; “Was it possible to live stream a full on music show with live audience and online viewers?” The answer came very quickly – “Cant’ we do whatever we want and make it happen?”

Treehouse was born and the family had started…..

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