Live Lockdown #6 - Zamaran Saturday 1st August 2020

Zamaran are a three piece alternative rock band based in Milton Keynes and Birmingham.

 The bands debut EP is called “Authenticity” and comprises of 5 tracks which draw influences from blues and country music.

The EP touches on issues concerning feeling disenfranchised and loneliness in the digital age, and has a balance of brute energy and punch with a cinematic and futuristic palette of tones. It’s set for release in August/September 2020.


Live Lockdown Catchup

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Jamie Clayton

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Covid-19 Statement

We have carried out a thorough Covid-19 risk assessment for our current planned live streams and based on Likelihood and Severity, we have scored in the insignificant/very low risk category.

With our RA being so low, we will continue with existing control, however; we will monitor for changes and implement any additional control measures required, within the timescales given in the risk assessment.

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