Adam Baxter

Adam Baxter creates intensely fragile spaces between each lyrical breath. He silences hungry ears whilst delicately bandaging a fragile heart.

Unique intonation and content that beholds a poet and storyteller for the working class hero. Unobtrusive and gentle, this man gives you something you weren’t even aware you needed.

An absolute privilege to be in this songwriters presence.  Emotion sits just at the surface, endearing you to the core. The delivery of a gift that could have quite easily gone unheard, had it not been for Baxter’s’ debut performance. We were very blessed at the 9th Tree house session in May 2017. 

A captivated audience were quite speechless at his professionalism and voice control. This, by no means, had any signs you would expect from a first ever gig. 

Adam was as cool as a cucumber and deserving of a spot at any live gig. We wholeheartedly support you on the first steps of a journey that will only affirm your talents over and over.

We were blinded by the lights as an aura reminiscent of The Streets gives you heart and melody in abundance. You cant help but be moved. “Dry your eyes mate, I know its hard sometimes, but this man will make it better. Adam, when the rain comes down, we’ll be sure not to frown because you lit us up in love.”

At the Treehouse, we’ll always try and keep you informed of Adam Baxter’s live gig whereabouts, because this guy deserves some fan love. If you get the chance to see Adam live, don’t pass up the opportunity because he is simple breathtaking, flawless and heart warming.

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