Amit Dattani

Amit Dattani gives us deep umber tones that stroll across a meandering path of sped up guitar plucks n struts. 

There is no denying his musical ability when you zoom in on his guitar playing and take a moment in time to observe this talent unfold. 

When his unique collection of folk, blues and country come to pass, a direct yet self effacing storyteller can be witnessed in this modern day version of something quite simply, poetic.

Coming from 50 miles of elbow grease the time and attention he has put into his craft is clear to see. Flashes of Willy Mason can be spotted in the depth and vibrations of Amits vocals giving you a warmth and familiarity as he performs with a sense of ease and ownership. Dattani brings his audience in and offers them a window into the depth of his timeless inspirations and in doing so he holds an appreciative and supportive crowd.  

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