Chris Tye

Chris Tye brings you what can only be described as the essence of reverie in his beautiful harmonic mantras.

A caramel timbre that allows you to journey through melodies that are rich in character, individuality and quilted comfort not too dissimilar to the poetry and emotion conjured up from the likes of Danish singer songwriter Teitur and the almost ethereal Bon Iver.

One by one we burn into the atmosphere of Tye and the melodic unions he creates, one of which we experienced at the Treehouse session with the stunning accompaniment of Jayne Powell and ………. leaving us utterly breathless.

 There is no mistaking that Chris is a seasoned artist that will bring you a professional, hypnotic and earthy performance, leaving a rather awe struck crowd melting into their seats as there bones and minds alike turn to floaty clouds.

 There will always be a Tree house space for you to return to Mr Tye.

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