D Ross Spencer

A storyteller whose story must be told. D Ross Spencer has mastered an undulating control of his voice and crafts his lyrics with the same considered fervour. His talents know no bounds, verging from the sublime to the ridiculously playful with songs that talk about vegetable matter and dogs barking.

This gentle soul is as expansive as his music. Making way for an uprising of knowledge residing in the world’s mad and magical wonders. Tones that take you back in time and encourage your spirit to dance with their flickering flames and foibles.

Imagery is strong with this word wizard so the cobwebs in the mind’s eye will be blown away and droplets of contentment, entertainment and appreciation for D. Ross will firmly take their place. 

If you let him, he will slow you down to a pace that allows you to bathe in the rise and fall of his beautiful and unexpected melodic skips, flutters and fluid flurries.

Spencer’s voice is like a true gent who will cut you down and hold you in his arms as his song suggests. But don’t be fooled, he will also make you belly laugh and spin you around in meadows and on tree tops before landing in your heart with an unassuming mastery that’s hard to forget.

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