Dee Ajayi

What we thought

Like magic dust sprinkled over a sublime Gemini duality, Dee Ajayi knows exactly how to cater to her audience. 

Like quicksand she suddenly pulls you in and before you know it you are bathing in an oasis of cool builds and thirst quenching trills. 

This soulful instrument that some may call a voice is molded with a power that can be felt in the backbone, one vertebrae at a time.

Her song “Your idea of perfect” pulls the feminine in and on her side as she sings of openly rejecting others stupid concepts of perfect. There is a tangible switch that is firmly positioned to on and awake when you observe Miss Ajayi, she is gathered and in exquisite control of her gift. It’s impossible to be anything other than impressed by her as a singer, songwriter and performer.

 There is a star quality that exudes from Dee and the world had better catch up if they want to be present for this cosmic explosion.  

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