Ellisha Green

Velvety vocals that roll off the tongue and embrace you in what can only be described as dreamlike waves of brilliance.
Touches of Eva Cassidy and Danish singer Tina Dico surf the rises and falls of a well mastered skill that can only be attributed to Elisha.
Mature lyrical works delivered in exquisite style and melody hush a busy mind and make you wonder…If Romeo was in love with love and not her he must have been absent at all of her gigs!

A young songstress in years with a voice that transcends time this singer is not to be missed.
The considered breathy breaks in Greens voice only let in the light allowing you to feel warmed from your head to your toes.
Her catalogue of songs have crowd pleasers and artistic teasers giving you a well rounded collection and fabulous example of a seasoned female musician.

The tree house family were so taken with Elisha that she came back twice in two months and I’m sure we will be seeing and hearing more of this delightful lady.

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