Fran Ryland

Fran hails from Gloucestershire but she has lived in Birmingham for the last 20 years so considers herself to have gone native. Fran developed her love of live music in pubs and clubs from an early age. She describes her music taste as eclectic including many genres but can she can always be relied upon to knock out some rock, reggae and ska tunes when DJing.

Fran’s favourite local band is Lobster ( which is a six-piece band from Birmingham, playing reggae and hip-hop influenced punk music. She loves Lobster because her love of live music is matched only by her love of dancing and Lobster are guaranteed to get the audience jumping.


Her favourite Treehouse Sessions act is Joseph Hicklin after his deeply emotional first appearance back in October (Joseph Hicklin Be). The Treehouse sessions has also introduced her to a totally new genre when Gasoline and Matches opened her ears to Country (Gasoline and Matches Not into country). Their kicking set and warm personalities opened up a new direction for Fran.


What does Fran bring to the Treehouse Sessions? Fran is a true people person who loves to find out about what makes the musicians tic. Fran can always be relied upon to put people at ease and get them talking (that is her third love after all). So it was no surprise that when she was asked to step in and present the Treehouse Sessions at short notice for the Christmas Spectacular 2016 we found a natural fit – a perfect embodiment of everything the Sessions stand for. Her fine-tuned eclectic taste in music and wicked sense of humour have been rocking the yurt ever since.