Saturday 29th July 2017
Presenters: Ade & Fran

Artists: Namiwa Jazz, Whit Gutler & the Djinns, Elisha Esquivel


Saturday 17th December 2016
Presenters: Ade & Fran

Artists: Jake Spicer, Hannah Ashcroft, Katherine Priddy, Dee Ajayi

Saturday 25th March 2017
Presenters: Ade & Fran

Artists: Daniel Cawdelle, Sally Rea Morris, Michael Vickers


Saturday 15th October 2016
Presenters: Mila & Kevin

Artists: Joseph Hicklin, Layla Tutt, Andy Pell

Saturday 22nd April 2017
Compare: Ade

Joseph Hicklin, Ellisha Green, Jesse Dipper, Michael Vickers and more


Saturday 19th August 2016
Presenter: Martin

Artists: D Ross Spencer, Kevin Hadley, Woodsmoke Tommy