Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown is  a tonic for the stumbling heart and a mirror to the reflective. Awakening something in the oak of your chest that was long ago ingrained. She invites you to face the emotion that is sure to rise up within you from the first line of any of her honest experiential songs. 

You will meet your breaker and send them home with the offerings they once gave you.

Any one who inspired some part in the musings and outpourings from Hannah’s songs are both loved and displaced. Loved for the gift that has been moved and stirred within her and firmly displaced as a strong sense of protection rises up for this gentle warrior and the pain she sings of.  

I urge you to take a moment and sit with Hannah’s voice, connect with her strength and fragility and feel the appreciation for this grounding and cleansing artist. She invokes a sense of deep butterflies in the gut that rush up to your eyes in a salty bolt of recognition but fear not Hannah will hold your hands through it and in turn hold her head high.

 When you listen to Hannah Brown, nothing will keep you from her..she will render you speechless and all else will fall away.

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