James hails from Birmingham, with a brief interlude early in life, he has been back in the city of his birth for over 35 years now. His family are all from the Greater Manchester region, which has shaped a lot of his musical tastes. James has always loved live music and has been going to gigs and other music events as long as he has been allowed (and before that as well). He describes his music taste as varied, from rock to pop, from classical to trance, with a bit of everything in-between, although like many of us, it is the music he found in his late teens that has truly stuck with him forever.

He struggles to identify a favourite local band, as that would always depend on whatever mood he is in at the time of asking, but if pushed it would be Editors, as it is obvious that they are heavily influenced by Joy Division/New Order, who are amongst his favourite bands of all time.

His favourite Treehouse act is his co-presenter Kevin James Hadley (he honestly didnt pay him to say that), who has played a couple of times in the Treehouse sessions (Kevin James Hadley Man on Fire), but much like his taste in music as a whole he struggles to narrow it down to just Kevin. Joseph Hicklin (Joseph Hicklin Go Girl), Christie Reeves (Christie Reeves Open Book), Jessie Dipper (Jessie Dipper Sitting in a tree), Midsummer (Midsummer I was made in Birmingham) and Gasoline and Matches (Gasoline and Matches Tequila’s a Healer), the list goes on and on of acts who have at times blown him away with their quality, but he had to mention some of the music that the acts and audience have played at the after parties which has been truly excellent.

What does James bring to the Treehouse Sessions? James was a long time audience member before stepping into the social media role. He brings enthusiasm, humour and professionalism to the show.