Jesse Dipper

Meet Jessie Dipper. With the opening line “My names Jesse and I write songs in trees” who could be more perfectly aligned with our Tree house setting and ethos?

Guttural trills and breathy ownership of a voice far beyond her years can only leave you impressed and deeply connected to Jessie Dipper’s songs, loops and lyrics.

Jesse holds her space with an unassuming confidence that enables her audience to relax and take in her stories that are so eloquently offered up on a rather quirky plated platter that will impress you no matter your taste.
Intelligent, authentic and spirited in personality and musical conveyance she has the crowd rooting for her at every twist and turn and there are many.

Jesse Dipper takes you to the other side with songs like ‘missing you’ that crack open your chest with emotion and a sudden burst of playful yet deep pain that entrenches a hypnotised audience.
A rush of cold bumps on the skin reveal a genuine appreciation for her grief in this beautiful memory dedicated to her friend.

As constant as this law that stays the same, we are gonna see you again Jesse, as a piece of our heart sits where you sing.

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