Jimmy Weston

Jimmy Weston has a voice with warmth and depth of character that can only come from accessing power through pain. You feel truly captured by this honest representation of a man and his creation. His song “We’re all just people” is just beautiful and with lyrics like  “you will be safe in a brand new day” and  “I watched your eyes change, watched the light fade” your heart kind of cracks open so you can see what remains. 

Westerns album would be one that gets played time and time again. he plugs you into your experiences and before you know it your memories are playing out over his lyrics like they were written for you. This musician steers you on a voyage of truth and discovery with all of his songs but especially when he reveals a tangible vulnerability in his song Bulletproof, such a direct and present way to connect to his experience that makes you love him even more. Definitely a Tree house diamond! 

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