Kevin James Hadley

Mr Kevin James Hadley possesses a commanding vulnerability that will captivate and capture your auditory longings and leave you with a palpable sensation in the recesses of your tummy. You will be pulled in by the modern day romanticism and the space he creates will cradle you with a honey like timbre. Kevin is unassuming, humble, enigmatic and definitely leaves a mark on your lips cheeks and eardrums.

Show me a man who’s a genius no less, show me a man who unravels your thread, show me a man who gives you a window into his head and I’ll show you a man on fire. 

He sets a benchmark that raises the bar and your pulse . This is how authentic observations of love and music are exquisitely delivered.

 It’s no accident that Mr Hadley is our Tree house darling and holds the opening and closing credits with his beautiful song. He projects not only the ethos of the Tree house Sessions but also the standard. Playing his part in the garden gatherings before the Live shows were even a seedling, no one could be more deserving of this spot.

 He gives you a culmination of honest, tangible and playful lyrics marinated in his intelligent word play. He will stir you up and serve you a platter of creativity a la carte. This man will never give you crumbs but will always leave you asking “Please sir, can I have some more”

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