We are always looking for vibrant, colourful photos of all that goes on at Treehouse Sessions. We are looking for dedicated volunteer photographers to join us at Treehouse Sessions events and set up days, capturing all aspects of our live experiences… arriving, setting up, socialising with other members of staff, volunteers in action on shift and then to capture some of the most amazing unsigned musicians you’ll have seen!

This would be perfectly suited to anyone who is really captivated by photography, a student who is looking to enhance their portfolio and show willing to prospective employers, an amateur clicker who gets really sharp gutsy photos or a professional who loves what we do.

Where does the volunteering take place?
The volunteering currently takes place at Treehouse Sessions’ current and original venue, at a secret location in a leafy suburb of Birmingham.
How many hours would I be expected to work?

There are volunteering positions with more sociable hours, but sound is a calling and the people you get to socialise with are probably those you want to be with anyway! There are long hours and often extremely hectic schedules, but that’s nothing to worry about if you’re making your favourite band tick, right? And, it’s only once a month for 10 months of the year.

How long would the volunteering last for?
We would expect you to be with us for 3 to 6 months. Most of our volunteers enjoy the vibe so much, they just want to stay… But that’s ok, that’s what family is for.
What sort of work would I be doing if I volunteered?
No showday is the same, and although we have schedules in place, our work is varied.  It very much depends on the artists we have on the current show you are volunteering at. Here is an overview of the duties you may be involved in but definitely training for. 

  • Your main role is capturing that moment on stage or in the audience that shouts ‘I’d love to feel like that’
  • digital media content photos
  • Set up
  • Break down
  • Crew photos
  • Capturing ‘The Magic’
  • After show
  • Editing
  • Following a script
  • Liaising with the Gaffer
  • liaising with all other departments as necessary

Applicants will need to have at least a basic knowledge of photography and DSLR, have access to own equipment, some form of project management skills, be able to work as part of a team, have experience of running workshops, be able to work confidently in a wide variety of settings and communicate clearly and sensitively with a wide range of people. Applicants will also need to be punctual, have the ability to structure and prioritise own workload and work to deadlines and have good general IT skills. 

Is the volunteering paid in any way, or are expenses covered? Is there a job for me at the end of it?
For clarity, no payment is made to volunteers. Although on show day setup we do provide a meal and refreshments. It is hugely unlikely that we would create a permanent job for you at the end of your time volunteering, however, it may help in further employment including us on your C.V. 
Can I list “Volunteer for Treehouse Sessions” on my CV during or afterwards?
You can indeed. Although we are a fully inclusive and welcome members from the whole community, our expectations are high and our long term selection will depend on a professional and mindful people who join us. Where appropriate we may possibly become one of your CV referees – which is a crucial part of advancing in Sound, film and TV – although this is in no way promised or guaranteed.
Can I volunteer part-time for Treehouse, around my existing commitments/education?
Absolutely. You might need to be available for a longer period of time overall (it takes a while to train volunteers up in certain areas and as a result it’s not efficient for us to have people volunteer for short periods of time), but if selected you can certainly fit in volunteering for us around other commitments.
Would I need to sign anything to volunteer for Treehouse?
If selected you would have access to, and be handling, sensitive data and as a result you would need to sign a legally-binding confidentiality agreement before beginning to volunteer with us.

Please note due to demand we are unable to respond to unsuccessful applications.

Treehouse Sessions are bought to you by a dedicated crew of professionals from Murmuration FilmsRainbow Records & Creation Cafe. Have a listen to our other fabulous guest performers here.