Vijay Kishore is a quiet, reserved and somewhat humble character and let’s face it, before any singer inhales, purses, and then releases their own songbirds, we have our preconceptions. My, my, how we all get this one wrong!!  If vocals came from a vulnerable volcanic vortex, Vijay would be the vessel.

When Vijay sings Its impossible to not be fearful of moving so as not to disturb the veil of purity that resounds from his heart song.

To experience Kishore is to experience something almost ethereal, this man channels something beyond what is hoped or longed for, even applause at the end of each song seems somehow intrusive.

Without a doubt Vijay is a talent that cannot be denied in any way shape or form. A true blessing to be in the presence of such a luminous yet humble artist.

This is the singer to introduce to your ears, immediately!

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