Whit Gutler & The Djinns

Whit Gutler rose from the ashes of the WW1 music hall scene. Hush, here comes a whizz bang! A song and dance man by trade, he found himself out of work when The Djinn Bar & Social was bulldozed in 1919 to make way for Birmingham’s second cinema. Since then he discovered new impetus as a balladeer, weaving his tales from the unearthly hour with the jingle-jangle of the upright played by Redford Hughes. Today, he has a consortium of musicians that he can call on. They are called The Djinns.

Whit Gutler & the Djinns offer up theatrics in a tea cup of elegance and mastery. Whit (David) has a unique and unmistakable sound with a voice that creates and caters for attention, His lyrics are a stroke of genius, a descriptive and expressive pictorial , in simple terms,  Gutler creates nothing short of thought provoking artistry in anything he puts his mind to. 

Davids work has always been compelling and Whit Gutler and the Djinns is no exception. This new, spellbinding creativity wouldn’t seem out of place behind one of the great black and white cine film show reels that stir up a spooked ambivalence and beauty.

Katie accompanies David with the most graceful, enigmatic and immaculate vocals. Her harmonies are beautifully placed, giving you contrast and synchronicity and although there is a delicate nature to the rose that is this particular Djinn, there is a hearty strength that holds her space with authority and finesse.  Anything that is brought to you by this pair will be a labour of love and creativity, which leads you to believe, they are simply meant to be. 

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